VNAs for Materials Measurement

Perfect for Lab and Field Testing

Our VNAs are used for a variety of materials measurement applications. From NASA estimating fuel levels in the fuel tank with 1-Port reflectometers to Compact and Cobalt analyzers incorporated into portable, table-top free-space measurement systems that take materials RF measurement out of the lab and into the field or manufacturing environment. The NEW Epsilometer measures dielectric properties of materials to 6 GHz. The use of vector network analyzers is an efficient and reliable approach to measure and optimize the dielectric properties of tested materials. 

Learn about New Technology for Materials Measurement

New Developments in Microwave
Materials Measurement

A New Dielectric Analyzer for
Rapid Measurement of Microwave
Substrates up to 6 GHz

Materials Measurement Using a
Drone and VNA

Demo of the Epsilometer,
Dielectric Materials Measurement Solution

Principles of Operation of
the Epsilometer

Microwave Material Measurements
Without Cables

Robotically-Controlled Materials Measurement System

Handheld Materials Measurement
for Liquids

Please contact our expert engineers with any questions you may have regarding Materials Measurements or other USB VNA applications.

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